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Introduction on the region: geography and history

Sea, Mountains, Rivers and lakes

mappa molise Italy’s smallest region and always not recalled, Molise is an exceptional center of tourism in Italy where you still can find that authenticity which is missing in other touristic areas. Natural treasures, rich history, manufacturing, wine and food traditions are only few reasons to make Molise a must visit region in south of Italy.

Due to historic and administrative reasons, the main centers of Molise are Campobasso and Isernia.

Campobasso is Molise’s regional capital; it spars from Matese to the Adriatic Sea, touching the region of Puglia in the south and the region of Abruzzo in the north.

Isernia, capital of the namesake province, it is next to the mountains of the central Appenines, touching the region of Campania in the south, Lazio in the northwest, and Abruzzo in the northeast, forming with these regions the Parco Nazionale of Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise.

The geography of the territory, mainly mountains and hills, ensures Molise’s landscapes satisfy lovers of nature, tourism, and sports throughout every season. The elevated altitude of many zones, especially Campitello Matese and Capracotta, allows lovers of winter sports to use the area.


To the west of the area, the territory softens to meet with the Adriatic Sea, providing beautiful sandy beaches and shallow waters. Other seaside locations include the town of Termoli, and the less populated but nonetheless fascinating Petacciato and Montenero. These three locations were awarded in 2013 with the “Bandiera Blu” award. In particular, from Termoli it is relatively easy to reach the Tremiti Islands, which are very close to the Molise coast.

The western position of the region means the summers of Molise are hot but not sweltering, and the winters of Molise cold but not frigid, making it a convenient choice for both summer and winter tourism. For those who prefer tranquil waters, Molise offers splendid lakes, including Lake Liscione, Lake Occhito, and Lake Castel San Vincenzo. The areas surrounding these lakes are especially beautiful, and serve as a fantastic opportunity to view nature through guided tours, check out the flora and fauna for yourself, and to fish and hike.

Numerous bodies of water, originating from the mountains of Molise, include Biferno and Trigno, known for their length and magnitude. The river of Biferno runs through the entire Molise territory, favoring both the agriculture and economy from the mountains of Matese his source to the mouth near Termoli. The Trigno river, located more towards the north, runs through the province of Isernia and reaches the Adriatic Sea through the borders of the region of Molise and Abruzzo.

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